Anet A8 to AM8 conversion

The acrylic frame that came with my Anet A8 is not the most solid construction. Adding a spool holder on top of it doesn't make things better.

One of the bigger upgrades I could do is the AM8 metal frame conversion. This upgrade will make a sturdy frame while re-using as many components as possible.

Parts needed

Check the BOM for screws, nuts and other materials you might need.

For connecting bolts to the extrusion I used M5 T nuts.

Missing Z-axis corner bracket

The 2020 aluprofile set from dold-mechatronik is convenient though be aware the the corner brackets won't fit on the Z-axis connection. For this I printed a few Z corner brackets.

Bowden extruder parts

A while ago I have changed the standard extruder with a bowden extruder. I find it a lot easier to change the filament this way. Luckily there's also a bowden extruder mount for the AM8. It re-uses most parts of the original extruder. Only the extruder button is 3D printed.

Optional parts

I didn't print the case for the LCD as I don't need it; I'm using a Raspberry Pi Zero with OctoPrint and Printoid. This way I can control and monitor prints from my smartphone. I can even watch the print in progress as the Pi Zero has a camera attached to it.

Some other parts that have been upgraded/added during this conversion;

All 3d printed parts are listed in a AM8 Thingiverse collection.

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Anet A8 - AM8 conversion